Something bitter 

I’ve been Craving something bitter Sugar coats, they never seemed so sweet to me, eventually, I’ll look past the disguise and see, what was meant to be… There’s always something more, behind what we hide, always a silver lining, our pride forces us to deny, although reality might not be your cup of tea, itContinue reading “Something bitter “

false profit

With the aim to gain from pain, we were told to shun the sun to make hay, No control over the games were made to play. With salt soaked wounds from imaginary shark attacks, We freshen our breath to bite back. Love placed under cardiac arrest, all hearts under attack, broken dreams piled in aContinue reading “false profit”

Q and I 

Your question; Is to have had and lost, better than not having at all?  My answer;  He who has had and lost has gained perspective, worth more than his initial possession. Regret and loss do not necessarily come hand in hand. Regret is the desire for what could have been, or what was, so it is–mustContinue reading “Q and I “