Mc angel (commission)

It’s always a pleasure making art for fellow artists. This was commissioned by a friend of the very talented MC Angel. I used symbolic representation of her values and her own lyrics to make this portrait.


The story of the birth of Christ is said to be a result of the spring equinox entering into the Pisces, as the “Savior of the World” appeared as the Fisher of Men. This parallels the entering into the Age of Pisces.  In other words Pisces symbolizes the selfless aspect of human nature in whichContinue reading “Pisces”


   They came like ants swarming the school, Guns blazing, voices raised to decibels I could only assume My time was up. Lined against the wall, everyday tasks now twisted Teachers pinned against the black board  Red chalk newly scripted Self fulfilling prophecy eyes now at the back of the head. Some, could no longerContinue reading “Hunter “