Mc angel

It’s always a pleasure making art for fellow artists. This was commissioned by a friend of the very talented MC Angel. I used symbolic representation of her values and her own lyrics to make this portrait.

Check out her spoken word poetry here:

When life gets ugly 

Life is beautiful, always. Its blatant, in some situations,not so obvious, on other occasions. But always, there’s something amazing to gaze on, if you’re patient. 

So when life gets ugly, for me;

I stare at it…

…until it’s beauty, is once again  easy to see. 


You wouldn’t notice much at first glance. She never had the presence of a diva, or a super model stance, she was never one to turn heads while making an entrance, it seemed she didn’t care much for her appearance…but, she was beautiful…

If you looked close enough to gauge the make up of her make up, you would be ashamed of, your blindness. Her eyes were lined with kindness…Her cheeks ever rosy with laughter… And her lipstick was the simplistic benevolence of her character… She truly was, beautiful.