But a hard floor to lie on


but a cold shoulder to cry on


But a glimmer of hope


But another way to cope

Nothing but another rung on a ladder made of rope

Strung along by nothing.

Nothing left to lose

Nothing left to prove

Everything is really nothing at all

A dance in the garden

“Life is often interpreted as a battle, I think making it analogous to a dance is a more fitting metaphor. When you dance you don’t dance toward a specific point in the room, you just dance… yet we often live as if the entirety of our lives would be meaning without us reaching a certain point” – Alan watts


It is within the same space we all reside. No matter, how much space, the universe has no outside.

Sensitive dependence, all causes are affected, karmically protected, butterfly effected, interdependent and interconnected… Those fences you build in self defence, they’re just another thing we share.

You breath out. I breath in. The same air


If you ever look at sand under a microscope, you’ll come to realize that those uniform grains we take for granted, are all all diverse and uniquely beautiful. we are constantly walking on an art gallery.

Natures body

Every species is defined in terms of another. Every species is dependent on another.

There is no separation in nature, in fact the interaction between all living things and their environments is nature

A family portrait

This commission was my first ever family portrait. So I’d like to dedicate it to my family… The family thats here, the family that’s gone, and the family that’s yet to come… thanks for clearing the path and never letting me forget where I came from. Thank you for being so strong, for showing me the way, and helping me along…
To the family that share my blood, and the family that share my soul, thank you for loving me for me and making me whole.

The butterfly effect

“there is nothing about a catapillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly” – Buckminster Fuller

Metamorphosis is one of nature’s most dramatic transformations. A destructive being that only rests and cosumes, the catapillar… transforms into a being that poses and creates so much beauty, as it flies from flower to flower…The butterfly.

“we can assume a catapillar has no premonition of the future, so when it enters that cocoon, it must believe it has come to its end.”-Alan Watts

The butterfly for me symbolises the transformation of life, re-birth, and the interconnected nature of everything in existence.