dessert flower


moving through strange places, far away…. from home…Only ever seeing tired looks on strangers faces. stuck in a sand dune, my heart sang a sad tune.

Then she spoke to me, and like a beam of light from the cresent moon; without having any intention to, she shed her light on my path…

Just when my journey had become too much to bare…exhuasting and aimless….she was there.

She was the flower that had bloomed in the dessert, her courage reminded me what faith was…

She was an oasis, providing shade to every tired traveller, she taught me what grace was…

once again, moving through stranger places, further from home, although now those tired faces are no longer a relfection of my own …lost no longer, now i navigate with the stars…

but every now and then, when my destination seems too far… I remember her face, her faith, and her grace, and know i will get there one day…at my own pace


The dao in me

I write, then I paint, I even calculate
I give, I take, I destroy and create.
I teach, I learn, I contemplate and debate… I used to party like a frikkin rock star, and scheme like the slimiest hustler, played so many roles they shoulda given me an oscar… And I’ll be the first to admit, I’m proud as shit. But I will kneel, only at your alter… From 5 to 3 to 3 to 5… you have not faltered. Always Beside me, guiding me to the wisest me… So… I will write, and I will paint, and I will even calculate, I’ll do whatever you ask or whatever it takes… I will accept my fate and try to live with unshaken faith… Even if the rest of the clergy don’t hear me, and decide to greet me with laughter…
I know I am, what you have made… A jack of all trades… With only one master.

Soul mates

(created for, and inspired by a wonderful couple)

Sometimes when life pushes you around, it’s actually pulling you to where you need to be…
And when things get tense, you’ll find it’s the most unexpected people, that make all the difference… Because that’s when you escape the pretence, and see who’s really there in your defence…because thats who looked past the pretence, to see who you really are inside… And somehow released all the beauty you had tried to hide…
Someone who puts your heart and mind in a higher state, someone forever bound to you by fate…
Someone who changes both you and your life… A soul mate

Mami wata (The siren)

The sailors regret
They would cast their nets, trying to capture her beauty…
She tempted men like it was her duty, her body was the bait… She had the whole sea Hooked.
One Look was all it took, the sirens eyes had all their fates sealed.
Slaves of her appeal, the depths of their own lust she would reveal…
They were trapped, tangled in lies that they had previously cast…
Too elusive… She moved on too fast… Forever swimming on into the future… Leaving thier rods and lines in the past… Sinking with all the hope they had amassed.

The observer

Back to where he’s always been, a dissapointed dissapointment… The one who always missed his appointments, just a hot mess playing it cool… A fool really, that could get fired up for fire drills only to be fired in the end… Almost the ace, always the joker and a bit of a joke too…a know it all, with no clue… So true…to his truth, always. He was a nervous wreck, but at least he had built up the nerve, to just sit back and observe… and see the light in everything.

RAAH (real artists hits hub)

This piece was inspired by and created for the founders of RAAH


“RAHH (Real Artists Hits Hub) is an unorthodox music blogging and publishing platform that focuses solely on the artistry of music. Our production team, 7th Day, are responsible for all our self-directed visual content, presenting BTS footage in some of the most unique ways possible. Ensure you subscribe to the RAHH Online channel to get our latest videos delivered to your YouTube homepage. Don’t forget to visit our site for the latest posts on past, present and future music. For enquires,

contact us on:”



Colours of the wind

“You can own the earth and still all you’ll own is earth until, you can paint with all the colours of the wind” a line from the Disney classic Pocahontas… Which I’m not ashamed to say was one of my favourite movies growing up, it still inspires me today. That song in particular