You don’t speak, so they will ask you why you’re so quiet… “maybe he thinks he’s too nice, or he’s just stuck up”…but when you do speak, then they’ll ask you to shut up ” he talks too much, who even cares about all that neeky stuff”
You’re never enough, then you’re suddenly way too much… go left, then you must not have done it right. If you go right, you must have left something behind…
And what’s left is a torn individual losing their mind… Trying to find a right way… But how can people who have never been to where you’re heading, think they can tell you how to get there… And how can you let people that have never stood where you stand, tell you how to move… there is no ‘right way’… when you have nothing to lose and something to prove… all that there’s left to do is you… You get to decide what’s true. And when you do…defend that shit you with all the stubborness in your heart, with all your courage, and all your might, for as long as it feels right… Eventually you’ll see… the neyseyers left confused as you used to be, bemused by what truths actually fuel your muse, blinded by their own views… unable to move,
Limited, by the same shit they once put on you…

A Pegasus perplexus 

A zebra, made to stand out, forever wild and free.

It seeks to rid itself of those that would ride on its back.

It strives to know it’s stripes, not to earn them…

For with that wisdom comes a new genesis of elegance, the birth of the peagusus.

Made to fly high above life’s perplexus…controlling the reins of its own destiny… Reigned over by no man.


Forever wild and free…




 Time and friends; the most popular items in my lost and found box.
I chose to be nothing but myself; a freedom that could not come without a heavy cost. 

Ironic as it may be; losses tend to come before gain, pleasure is often a reward for pain. And more often than not, we are driven past insane, before we arrive at truth. 
Every seed must first be buried before it bears fruit, and where nothing has ever died, nothing ever grew. 

Time and friends; tend to be as short term as they are long lasting. I chose to be nothing but myself, so I stick to my own script, and only play the roles that fit the mould, I’m casting. 
Ironic as it maybe; feeling lost, is a step on the path to being found. Rain may erode the ground, on its way to feed the seed, and pain, is everything that compels us to grow, into something free…

Lost at sea 

Lost at sea, where I can find myself;  

Soaking, in hope; tired, from riding the tides of life’s ocean. Floating, from coast to coast with nothing to boast of; bar the treasures of truth. Navigating my thoughts through, future mist, towards something new. Blue, when I look back on ships that sailed past. Lost, for all that’s here to see is my eerie reflection, drifting. I find myself sifting through ship wrecks left behind. Diving too deep, yet somehow washed up on freedoms shoreline… Im tired, and I’m lost, but I’m doing just fine… 

Free demons  

I drank litres of holy water, to drown my inner demons. It boiled inside of me, and I spat hot steam in the face of a foe….I then tried to fight fire with fire, and singed my sour soul in the process. 

At my wits end, I spoke to the demons, in hope we might become friends…

I was never once intimate, with these hellish inmates of my natural state, but now we have an agreement…They told me they’re only there because I need them… So where there is no love to be lost, I free them…

...And I feed them, the very face of injustice, when my pride is no longer edible…With every inequity they see , they revel… When a sense of duty possesses me, and brings out my inner rebel… I smile, as I remember my deal with the devil. 

Sacred Heart  

I don’t trust my eyes, they contradict each other, and tend to deceive. They are no true friend. In front of my face, they pretend. Whenever I grow tired, they tend to leave. 

My eyes can only see an image where my heart sees art 

I don’t trust my ears either, they carry mixed messages, and tend to lose the truth in translation. Even when they do work, the words they perceive, tend to mislead.

                                                                     My ears can only hear noise where my heart hears music

I try to trust my heart. The reason I’m still  breathing. Even when my heart was broken, He let nothing break me. When my senses forsake me, He tends to all my needs.

                                              Still, my eyes look for signs. Still, my ears listen for life’s lessons

I must follow my heart, no matter the cost, no matter how lost, I may look or sound. I know I can’t be lead astray, if I chose to go, the right way. 

The mission 

I embark on a mission comprising the daily repetition of seemingly pointless acts, that might attract the formation of beautiful facts, and maybe allow me to extract, information from within. A natural selection, I force, in my chosen direction. My evolution, from a problem to a solution.
As I feel this change begin, I spare no expense to escape the pretence that is ignorance. I Live to enhance the remembrance, of wealth acquired through experience, so I may one day advance from the trance that was yesterday. Leaving as little to chance as I possibly can.
As I become more Lust in this lostful romance, I give myself no choice but to dance, adopting the systematic steps pre prescribed. In the hope that one day, my own choreography is described, by those who saw my vision. The ones who followed me on my mission.