Dead cells

I’ve been asking people to follow me, as if I’m not lost… I’ve been looking for love, and validation…only getting likes, and eventual frustration.

I’ve let people into my world, and played host, but I’ve been trying to share more than just a post.

I’ve been trying to find myself in a selfie, all these different angles, but which one is the ‘best me’? 600 people viewed my story, and zero of them know my story. I’ve been serving my ego looking for glory… Trying to be real on a platform that isn’t. The Irony.
Ive made some real connections, and I do truly appreciate all the support Ive got.
But my batteries about to die, so like… now what?

My best nightmare

She said run chidi, run! Don’t look back for things you missed, or things you miss…never stop chasing your bliss, but remember this, now the world is in your hands, so please don’t make a fist… And then I woke up SWEATING

Burning bushes

I saw bushes burning and they spoke to me…

Am I a bushman that strayed too far from his Bush, have I simply burnt myself out? or was I burnt out of my bushes and chased away…

My side burns and afro were far too bushy, “keep it professional” they say… And I felt the burn

I used to burn bushes just to see straight… As I watched the Bushes and Obamas burn the bushes down, oppression in the guise of freedom… Had me feeling like I might as well live in a Bush, and just watch the world burn…

But I saw bushes burning and they spoke to me.

Kind stranger

She was a kind stranger, I had never met anything of the kind, or anyone stranger…

To some a freak, to me unique

To some she seemed lazy, and a coward… To me she was bravery and power.

To me she was sweet, to some sour…

She told me she didn’t care about them, or me, in-fact, she was only there to smell the flowers…