Into infinity (commission)

In her womb life started
In her eyes pain ended
Lines of her life story, and all the things she has faced, permanently etched on her face, a sage, that kept getting wiser with age… An antique, with colours that didn’t fade.
Even when her blacks turned to greys, what was gold remained the same…

Life is too short, I know that much is true… And we all must move on when our time here is due, We came from inifity, to experience this vicinity… And i do believe we’re only passing through

Warrior spirit

Neither a coward with her actions nor her words, she was well aware freedom sometimes seemed absurd…she tried to be the right balance of humble and proud…calm but full of life, poised while her heart beat loud.

The warrior spirit, her soul focused on the top, a peaceful fighter who gave everything, except up. Persistence personified, she was a force you could not, would not even want to stop.
She was the courage to ask for more, and the bravery to stand for freedom.

She was the legend she had written with her own wisdom


Je demande à mon coeur pourquoi il bat
J’ai demandé à mon esprit où est ce qu’il va?
Je demande à pieds de me porter quand ils voulaient y aller
en espérant que je pourrai me trouver là bas

I wrote this poem in french as it was inspired by the magical year I spent living on the island of Martinique. (where I happened to learn French) I hope it makes sense haha. The poem is also called madininah another name for Martinique which translates to ‘Island of flowers’

The spirit of compassion

An elephant is the mightiest creature on land, yet it means to do harm to no one… That in a way is true compassion.
Also, I find that having to care for others, children in particular, can bring compassion out of us that we didn’t even know was there.
Compassion is true strength, and is nature’s way of taking care of itself.

Happy vaisakhi!

Sorom 2

This piece was commissioned for the blck niche listening party. The mixed media painting is based on soroms single ‘story mode’. Sorom is a ‘spoken rapper’ and a member of the blck niche collective. He’s a poet I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with as well someone who has inspired me on a creative and personal level. Check out his new single rubix

The merman (commission)

“it doesn’t get much deeper than this” then he realises how shallow he was, to have come to that conclusion… He bares the trident of truth, a weapon built to shatter all illusions, and a heavy burden too…for he has seen some of the darkest parts of the sea… From time to tide the current forces propell him into such dark places, that he himself can hardly be seen…


she had seen many terrible things, “but she conquered her demons, and wore her scars like wings” …and finally, after all she had been through, she finally broke free from the fabric she was sewn into… Kachariy

The pegasus purpose

The pegausus takes flight into the untold night, controlling the reigns of its own destiny…Still… Untamable, unchangeable… It feeds on faith, flying over all that stand in its way… it moves with the way, and has thus learnt to make hay, from the light that shines within

dessert flower


moving through strange places, far away…. from home…Only ever seeing tired looks on strangers faces. stuck in a sand dune, my heart sang a sad tune.

Then she spoke to me, and like a beam of light from the cresent moon; without having any intention to, she shed her light on my path…

Just when my journey had become too much to bare…exhuasting and aimless….she was there.

She was the flower that had bloomed in the dessert, her courage reminded me what faith was…

She was an oasis, providing shade to every tired traveller, she taught me what grace was…

once again, moving through stranger places, further from home, although now those tired faces are no longer a relfection of my own …lost no longer, now i navigate with the stars…

but every now and then, when my destination seems too far… I remember her face, her faith, and her grace, and know i will get there one day…at my own pace