You don’t speak, so they will ask you why you’re so quiet… “maybe he thinks he’s too nice, or he’s just stuck up”…but when you do speak, then they’ll ask you to shut up ” he talks too much, who even cares about all that neeky stuff”
You’re never enough, then you’re suddenly way too much… go left, then you must not have done it right. If you go right, you must have left something behind…
And what’s left is a torn individual losing their mind… Trying to find a right way… But how can people who have never been to where you’re heading, think they can tell you how to get there… And how can you let people that have never stood where you stand, tell you how to move… there is no ‘right way’… when you have nothing to lose and something to prove… all that there’s left to do is you… You get to decide what’s true. And when you do…defend that shit you with all the stubborness in your heart, with all your courage, and all your might, for as long as it feels right… Eventually you’ll see… the neyseyers left confused as you used to be, bemused by what truths actually fuel your muse, blinded by their own views… unable to move,
Limited, by the same shit they once put on you…

Published by chidi3s

All available Original paintings listed here https://chidi3s-art.myshopify.com/ You can now buy my art as fabrics, wall paper, and gift wrap! just follow the link :) www.spoonflower.com/shop/chidi3s

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