Memories faded from the day I swapped hills and valleys for streets and alleys. Time wasted, days played out the same way, summed up at the bottom of a rhum cup 
Darkness comes and goes as it pleases. Time may heal all wounds, but I’ve been a patient patient, now I do what I must to ensure the pain eases. I find short lived moments of peace, while lost in the solitude. I’ve been struggling to force fortitude, while watching my darkest fortunes come true… I run towards yesterday, for I fear Tomorrow is just another today…  

Memories faded, from the day I swapped suits and ties for peace of mind, and busy scenes for planes of green. Temporary moments of peace found their way to me, through fresh air and stunning views. Almost beautiful enough to help me forget the hell ive been through… 
Bluer skies and brighter days, all to help memories fade 

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