All the pitter-patter prints different patterns in the back of my mind. I try to be shelter in turbid times.

All the chitter-chatter puts new coats on old characters, at the forefront of your thoughts. I pray we make the most of these rainy days.

You storm in, I storm out. Its almost always windy in our city, scatter-scatter, raining pain again… We try to drip dry under damaged umbrellas.

All the helter skelter, yet you are still, and I am still your shelter

The mad men I met

I met  preacher man, who would twist his own philosophy, purposely, to make short term profit off a long term prophecy.

I met a bunch of bankers ,that toppled the economy

I met a politician, with his vision, so impaired, he was unaware, of his hypocrisy, trying to force democracy, using guns and bureaucracy

Hell…I even met a martyr with a life insurance policy…


With words 

I’ve been told I have a way with words …now  I wonder; 
Is it because I’m always getting carried away with words?
Maybe Because I tend to get my way with words; 
and when my diction turns frictional and rubs someone up the wrong way, I tend to get away, with words… 
It might even be because, when My mind was dull, and my life was null, I managed to find my way, with words… 

You got a light? 

Lost looking for a light. Pain in my back pocket. sailing away on white rockets made of grass. Sleeping in the clouds above the crowd, free at last. Loudest silence I ever heard…This too shall pass…

Rotating states of mind. Highs and lows, Mixed up in the smoke, Fiery ash. Blown away by a breath of fresh air. Never cowered, still scared. Didn’t know, still cared. Lost and looking for a light. Searching for a star in myself every night. 

Reflecting my perspective. Choosing the less selective. Forcing myself do the elective. Over protective of my pros. Ablaze but burning bright,ironically, still lost, looking for a light…


Every member of this universe is enrolled in the same life long course, consciously or subconsciously. Their challenge is to perceive their reality,to try make sense of what they can and can’t see. Whether via science, spirituality or etc. 

Religion, like education, is merely a form of revision, and a guide to wiser decisions, not a reason for division.  

How you live your life is the test. Try your best. If you’re smart, it’ll get easier, before your final destination.  

Make everyday from now on an examination. 

Live. Love.  Learn. 

Polar attraction 


She couldn’t profess affection. Expression was his profession, he couldn’t hold his back. She put up a front, he would have left, if it didn’t feel so right, her eyes held him back. 

The evil Eve took him to Eden. After she had eaten his Adam’s apple and made him speechless. She forbade him her sweetest fruit, as she slithered through his mind, and his bed. 

She didn’t want love, but she wanted him. he didn’t want to be inside her body, as much as inside her heart. 

The jinxed Juliet poisoned her Romeo. One look was all it took, She gave him sin, as he kissed her by the book.