Court of empathy 

Before judging the prisoner seeking retribution 

Ask the army why it’s wrong to kill.

Ask the banker why it’s wrong to steal.

Ask your leaders why honesty is the best policy. 

Before you join the hypocrisy, before you debate the fate of a guilty man and his innocent family, ask your self one more thing… 
“is it wrong to make up my mind about a man, before knowing what makes up a mans mind?”

Free your mind, before you put a man in a cage.

 Seldom a mistake may make a man, all the time ….men make mistakes. 

“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”- Terance


Weakest when I wake. Temptation torches my tranquility. Spontaneous human combustion. Reminds me of my reality. Hitting my heavy heart hard.


Fiercer flames form, from the fire of desire. I aspire higher, to astronomic ambition, as an arbitrary aftermath. Consistent human combustion, charges me through challenging changes and tribulations. 


Soldering sparks soar smoothly through me, stitching splits and slits in my shattered soul. Eternal human combustion. Exothermic energy exudes my anatomy through exoteric expression. 

Bright beams bounce off my face to set the space ablaze. 



When life gets ugly 

Life is beautiful, always. Its blatant, in some situations,not so obvious, on other occasions. But always, there’s something amazing to gaze on, if you’re patient. 

So when life gets ugly, for me;

I stare at it…

…until it’s beauty, is once again  easy to see. 


Three for two. One for free.

Childish deception.


My handwriting Lined lies. Drinking spirits in my sleep,tired of waiting…

My Lies outlined.

Written in my hands. Waiting to be tired, eating sleep through troubled spirits.


Deceived a child.

Two for three.  Free for one.

Stupid Love

I painted a picture, for you

I wrote a poem, for you

You smiled at the pretty colours, and giggled when the words rhymed.

I put myself on a canvas, for you ,to brush aside, and call me ‘pretty’.

I gave myself, to you

you never even looked inside, you called me ‘cold’.

You called me ‘soulless’.  I guess, that’s what I am, to you.

I had given my soul, to you, and you took no notice

I knew love was blind, I didn’t think it was stupid, I never once thought it was hopeless…

Now I wonder, how stupid must we seem to each other?

…Probably just as stupid as we seemed being together…