She says it’s a great day, while I take in all the suffering around us.

Low Serotonin shrinking my hippocampus.

She wants to get a meal, maybe stop at a mall. This doesn’t appeal to me at all.

A dopamine feind going through withdrawal. 

We drive past a place she says does really great food, I try not to come across rude, as I explain that I’m not in the mood.
She thinks I’m tired… So she asks if I want to go home… She just wants to be with me, and I just want to be alone.

She tries to change the subject, to when I first met her, I smile as she tells the story, but I can’t even remember…”something-something library, bla bla bla university campus”

Low serotonin shrinking my hippocampus. 

Published by chidi3s

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