Sheepish lion 

The sheep only thinks of his safety, and grass, so a lion shouldn’t lose sleep over its opinion, unless that grass is in the lions dominion. 
Unless that grass was meant to fatten the gazelle, the lion had been eyeing, unless that grass made the bed in which the lion had been lying. 
The tired lion that courts discomfort, broods over food, in the abundant jungle, remains wakeful, counting sheep to fall asleep .


She says it’s a great day, while I take in all the suffering around us.

Low Serotonin shrinking my hippocampus.

She wants to get a meal, maybe stop at a mall. This doesn’t appeal to me at all.

A dopamine feind going through withdrawal. 

We drive past a place she says does really great food, I try not to come across rude, as I explain that I’m not in the mood.
She thinks I’m tired… So she asks if I want to go home… She just wants to be with me, and I just want to be alone.

She tries to change the subject, to when I first met her, I smile as she tells the story, but I can’t even remember…”something-something library, bla bla bla university campus”

Low serotonin shrinking my hippocampus. 

Free demons  

I drank litres of holy water, to drown my inner demons. It boiled inside of me, and I spat hot steam in the face of a foe….I then tried to fight fire with fire, and singed my sour soul in the process. 

At my wits end, I spoke to the demons, in hope we might become friends…

I was never once intimate, with these hellish inmates of my natural state, but now we have an agreement…They told me they’re only there because I need them… So where there is no love to be lost, I free them…

...And I feed them, the very face of injustice, when my pride is no longer edible…With every inequity they see , they revel… When a sense of duty possesses me, and brings out my inner rebel… I smile, as I remember my deal with the devil. 

I always new 

New knowledge chases old ignorance from my head. A new loan for my ego, every time I swallow my debt  

New lies for every truth I accept 

A New eye to help mine redefine blind.  A new door open for every limit I reject 

A new lesson learnt, for every regret 

A new life line on my time line, every time I’m , out of my depth … A new born man , every morning, I decide to get out of bed 

Q and I 

Your question; Is to have had and lost, better than not having at all? 
My answer; 

He who has had and lost has gained perspective, worth more than his initial possession.
Regret and loss do not necessarily come hand in hand. Regret is the desire for what could have been, or what was, so it is–must be those who have never had, and those who have regressed with the most regrets. 
Not every loss is a regression,yet some may progress with regrets, but my response may well be of no use to you, as this is a truth, only observed from my point of view…

Oops! ….I’m talking to my self again.