I the beholder 

Believe me. Spend time, chase that look you’re after, buy everything, bleaching creams, spray tans, hair relaxers, Etc…Spend money,hide insecurities, validate your self from a perception you can not see…. Listen to the TV, live in false reality, stay on diets of deception,starve your self, get that new dress, work out which workout works best.Nothing’s free, save up for shopping sprees. Billboards provide direction. Logos on clothes aid selection.Hide who you are behind surgical scars… Never stop until perfection. Fear rejection.


believe you. The only standard of bodily beauty I should aspire to meet, is my own reflection. Be free.


You had our trust but somehow, you have lost it

We had peace but somehow, we have lost it

We paid you our dues,  you lost them.

We had hope now we’ve almost lost it.

You had my vote but now you’ve lost it..

you’ve  lost it…



Let the Rain cascade onto me, nourish me.

Let the sun glow into me, give me life.

Let me serve my purpose, let me grow.

Let me pass down all that was taken in.

Let my leaves shed on this earth for generations to come.

Let me too, give life.


Washed up from my briny deep. You found me at my water front. Your intentions were to capture my impressions,to trade them for your attention, which I unknowingly held for an irksome ransom.
You presented my chassis to the masses. like you, they became soaked in knowing my motif. Showboating your bright new bauble, me, until blue in the face, I remained in my bubble.
My plate got thicker on yours. I unwaveringly hoarded yours truly in the hoard. wrapped up in myself, While You boasted, at the coast of my ocean.


What is the matter with me?
Well, after thorough investigation, I arrived at this conclusion.

All matter is comprised of atoms.
And an atom can neither die nor live, only relentlessly seek a balance, between positive, and negative. Reacting,adapting, looking for new bonds to form, but ineluctably remaining unstable until its soul goal is achieved.

An atom must repel the negative away from its positive core.. And for every atom, in order to exist, the positive, must outweigh the negative.
All matter is comprised of atoms
But What is the matter with me?


By nature 

I see lost sheep, through dried out rivers, their sadness sends seismic shivers down my spine…
One at a time, I herd them through the thick Forrest that is my mind… inevitably ending up in the marshes of my heart. Immersed there, till they die…and long after…
unearthly behavior, born not of the sheep’s true nature, but mine.