Sacred Heart  

I don’t trust my eyes, they contradict each other, and tend to deceive. They are no true friend. In front of my face, they pretend. Whenever I grow tired, they tend to leave. 

My eyes can only see an image where my heart sees art 

I don’t trust my ears either, they carry mixed messages, and tend to lose the truth in translation. Even when they do work, the words they perceive, tend to mislead.

                                                                     My ears can only hear noise where my heart hears music

I try to trust my heart. The reason I’m still  breathing. Even when my heart was broken, He let nothing break me. When my senses forsake me, He tends to all my needs.

                                              Still, my eyes look for signs. Still, my ears listen for life’s lessons

I must follow my heart, no matter the cost, no matter how lost, I may look or sound. I know I can’t be lead astray, if I chose to go, the right way. 

Published by chidi3s

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