Sober conscience

I used all I knew, to forget what I had seen; now all my eyes are open wide, to take it all in. I used to hide how I felt, deep within, now I wear how I feel on my skin;

I used to want it all, now I know what I need; I used to run from a nightmare, now I’m chasing a dream,

I felt like the world was against me, now it’s me against the world…

I used. and. i’ll. never. use. again.

Sacred Heart  

I don’t trust my eyes, they contradict each other, and tend to deceive. They are no true friend. In front of my face, they pretend. Whenever I grow tired, they tend to leave. 

My eyes can only see an image where my heart sees art 

I don’t trust my ears either, they carry mixed messages, and tend to lose the truth in translation. Even when they do work, the words they perceive, tend to mislead.

                                                                     My ears can only hear noise where my heart hears music

I try to trust my heart. The reason I’m still  breathing. Even when my heart was broken, He let nothing break me. When my senses forsake me, He tends to all my needs.

                                              Still, my eyes look for signs. Still, my ears listen for life’s lessons

I must follow my heart, no matter the cost, no matter how lost, I may look or sound. I know I can’t be lead astray, if I chose to go, the right way. 

Poor placename 

The third world, from whence life first came. 

The bronze medalist, that sleeps on beds of gold. That has spent far too long running from race, and dying from foreign AIDS… The farmer with an empty plate, who put food on everyone’s table. The source of pride to many. Despite its discounted  label.

 There is really only one world. A cruel one…”third” is just a fable.

Dream big 

eye have dreams;

Dreams so big, I often get lost in them. Head in clouds, wondering around, clouds in head, no map of what’s ahead, no idea where I’m heading.

Dreams so big, I seldom sleep. Straightening out the plot twists of my life story, contemplating an appropriate heading. 

Dreams so big, I seldom speak of. If I’ve awoken your interest, forgive me, or thank me later.

Dreams so big, they might out live me, and become even greater. 



I watched you stretch, as you took the stress, and strain off me; the shock absorber, that let itself melt, so I wouldn’t get hurt… 

I watched you stretch far past what I thought was your max, and then I watched you bounce back; the flexible insulator, that taught me how to conduct myself…

Rubber, the material that hides it’s strengths within its properties; I now see, that there are limits, even to your elasticity.I watched you turn stiff, snap, and become a different material completely.

Plastic. What you get, when rubber stops bouncing back.

Relatively free

A free man will build fences round his own land …The prisoner is left alone with his thoughts.

A free bird will become weary and will be forced to rest on treacherous land…A caged bird may remain unaware it was ever caught.

A free soldier will impetuously invade foreign lands …The tyrannized rebel knows exactly why he fought.

A free spirit will be forced to drift, in his own boat, far from the main land ….The conformist gets rewarded for doing as he was taught.

I the beholder 

Believe me. Spend time, chase that look you’re after, buy everything, bleaching creams, spray tans, hair relaxers, Etc…Spend money,hide insecurities, validate your self from a perception you can not see…. Listen to the TV, live in false reality, stay on diets of deception,starve your self, get that new dress, work out which workout works best.Nothing’s free, save up for shopping sprees. Billboards provide direction. Logos on clothes aid selection.Hide who you are behind surgical scars… Never stop until perfection. Fear rejection.


believe you. The only standard of bodily beauty I should aspire to meet, is my own reflection. Be free.


You had our trust but somehow, you have lost it

We had peace but somehow, we have lost it

We paid you our dues,  you lost them.

We had hope now we’ve almost lost it.

You had my vote but now you’ve lost it..

you’ve  lost it…