She could see the stars sparkle in my eyes, with such clarity. I could tell… I was unsuspectingly drifting through an unworldly fantasy… until finally, the gravity of the situation hit me, all at once, like an asteroid, too big,  too fast to avoid… I fell as soon as it struck.  In my struggle to stay grounded, I found myself stuck… I needed space


The aura of positivity she gave off was so alien to me. I was terrified of being abducted by her seduction..even though she came in peace…. She was warm like the sun, I must have been her only planet, she would stare at me for as long as there was daylight…I felt an over powering force field radiate from her centre but I was not ready to absorb it. My world was already so congested… no time to plan it, or get it right, I just had to escape her orbit….I needed space…so I took off…

Now…I’ve been floating, for light years through space and time, searching for a light like ‘the one’ I once refused…hoping it might bring an end to the dark matters that occupy my universe, and fill the empty space she once perfused.

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