Thrust out of obscurity, into plane sight. From the sweet darkness, into the sour limelight. Curiosity won’t leave me be…Pushing me further away from the comfort zone I was prone to hide in. Anxiety levels rising, self esteem drips slowly away. Still I stay, put on my friendly face, forever fretful about what they might say, and if, or how, they might perceive me…
Withdrawn. Back to the reclusive niche. Back into myself. I recoup my calm, massaged solely with privacy’s balm, I find solace in my own arms…safe. Away from the vile ogre that is mediocre conversation… Free. Relieved of the excruciating concussion that is shallow discussions…
Until I am Thrust, once again, into another forced interaction. The unease heavily outweighs all satisfaction. I put my people suit on for protection, hoping the camouflage, will blend me into the on going social mirage. With Uncertainty disguised as Shyness and uninterested-ness Dressed up as impertinence. I approach the conundrum, my heart beats like a war drum… Ready to fight another losing battle, against Awkward silences…


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