She could see the stars sparkle in my eyes, with such clarity. I could tell… I was unsuspectingly drifting through an unworldly fantasy… until finally, the gravity of the situation hit me, all at once, like an asteroid, too big,  too fast to avoid… I fell as soon as it struck.  In my struggle to stay grounded, I found myself stuck… I needed space


The aura of positivity she gave off was so alien to me. I was terrified of being abducted by her seduction..even though she came in peace…. She was warm like the sun, I must have been her only planet, she would stare at me for as long as there was daylight…I felt an over powering force field radiate from her centre but I was not ready to absorb it. My world was already so congested… no time to plan it, or get it right, I just had to escape her orbit….I needed space…so I took off…

Now…I’ve been floating, for light years through space and time, searching for a light like ‘the one’ I once refused…hoping it might bring an end to the dark matters that occupy my universe, and fill the empty space she once perfused.



They spill blood to get your attention, They spread tension, They watch your entire nation, and way of life derail. as we, point fingers, bickering about irrelevant details…

At ease!  

They sit and They watch, They’re at ease, innocent blood spilt on the streets, genocide, hunger, famine, disease. They smile and look on, They are pleased. we, search the destruction and deceased, hoping to find even the most minuscule piece of peace.

we, question the god that they claim to appease, too many children  shot down by police, like its everyday life, day light robberies of innocent life, They pretend no one sees.


all progress must come to a halt. we’re not even sure who’s at fault, confusion partakes in all assaults, into our wounds They rub salt. slander my brother with insults

They, take his faith as a scape goat, re-painted as a violent cult, in the red that spills, from his silenced throat…

we debate our fate, spreading They’re fear and They’re  hate, while They make a killing, emptying vaults…

Take aim! 

They take aim with misguided information, targeting the majority of the population. Dividing we into them and us, no one knows who to trust. They send us Leaders that are corrupt, as They watch, our city’s and homes erupt.

enough is enough! ‘they’…must be stopped


We, must march towards revolution. We, must retaliate, We, must see they’re power come to dilution. We must be liberated. we only, possess the one weapon truly neccesary. The only true route to victory. The only way to truly be free.

Love! Love is the key… To hallways of opportunity…Those blinded will once again see…. As soon as love turns They turns them into We


Thrust out of obscurity, into plane sight. From the sweet darkness, into the sour limelight. Curiosity won’t leave me be…Pushing me further away from the comfort zone I was prone to hide in. Anxiety levels rising, self esteem drips slowly away. Still I stay, put on my friendly face, forever fretful about what they might say, and if, or how, they might perceive me…
Withdrawn. Back to the reclusive niche. Back into myself. I recoup my calm, massaged solely with privacy’s balm, I find solace in my own arms…safe. Away from the vile ogre that is mediocre conversation… Free. Relieved of the excruciating concussion that is shallow discussions…
Until I am Thrust, once again, into another forced interaction. The unease heavily outweighs all satisfaction. I put my people suit on for protection, hoping the camouflage, will blend me into the on going social mirage. With Uncertainty disguised as Shyness and uninterested-ness Dressed up as impertinence. I approach the conundrum, my heart beats like a war drum… Ready to fight another losing battle, against Awkward silences…


I’ll see you 

I’m going to a place, where we can escape, from this Hatred, that was put in place to displace us, as we rush towards greatness. Where money is no measure of wealth, joy is the only indicator of health, a place that places material things on the bottom shelf. Where people are slow to hurt but quick to help.

And self validation truly comes from ones self. Where it’s easy to love, easy to trust and we need not sleep because our dreams follow us.
I beg you to come, you politely decline, instead you go astray, but I know you’ll be fine, I know you’ll find your way, in you’re own time… And I’ll be waiting, to see you, when you get there.


Unconscious journey 

Awoken, mid journey, in my left hand, I hold the ticket I was given. On my right, stands a man, who’s job it is, to come round and check it. He inspects it, scans it, then asks me if it’s valid. He says “im sorry sir, but what you have here is worthless, do you have any ID? Maybe a receipt? Proof of purchase?” … This is starting to get scary, I think long and hard so As to respond to his queries, but I really can’t recall… So I think and I think, He waits, I stall… I still can’t remember. He starts to loose his temper “up you get sir! can you follow me please…” He reminds me travelling with the wrong ticket warrants hefty penalty fees. Still extremely tired, and now equally embarrassed, I do my best to avoid meeting eyes with anyone else on the carriage… He leads me through a passage, which ends in a small room, the proximity of the walls seem to amplify my gloom. Calmer, now the inspector man explained, that this was where I was to remain, I was being detained… I’m frightened enough to scream, yet so rattled i make not one sound. Dumbfound. I sit there meekly…A Different man stroles into the tiny room and starts to speak to me, rather casually, he claims to know me, he says he sees me frequently, according to him I make this trip weekly… He then proceeded to ask “why are you on this train tonight? I work at the airport, and I know you always catch a flight” an orchestra of bells started ringing in my head. My memories came flooding back, triggered by what this man had just said. I grabbed the inspector man and began to explain, ” I do have valid a ticket! It’s just for a plane”… So exited I had finally figured out what the truth was, I never stopped to think how silly my excuse was… The inspector man starred at me, and began to crackle hysterically. I scowled at him, failing to see the need for him to laugh. He calmly smiled and said to me “we can never reach our destination, if we remain unaware of our path… Sir,I believe you’re free to go, the nearest exit on this coach is by the third row… But please, for your sake the next time you make a journey, please try and stay woke”