Alone with my thoughts, the dead silence only broken by the fading sound of sirens… I try and fall asleep, hoping my problems drift away with me, but I’m almost scared to close my eyes, I’ve begun to find my dreams so tiring…
Alone with my thoughts, reflecting on the battles I fought, that now only exist in my memories… The sirens intensify, as I mentally testify, pleading guilty to petty crimes, but judging myself for felonies…
And I was alone with my thoughts, burdened by sin, until a fallen angel lent me her wings… I remain alone, but now the solitude is comforting, and my thoughts are with her… The fallen angel, that made peace with my demons…
The sirens pass into the pitch black silence. I unknowingly shut my eyelids, I’ll be alone again tommorow, but this time I won’t mind it…


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