Je demande à mon coeur pourquoi il bat
J’ai demandé à mon esprit où est ce qu’il va?
Je demande à pieds de me porter quand ils voulaient y aller
en espérant que je pourrai me trouver là bas

I wrote this poem in french as it was inspired by the magical year I spent living on the island of Martinique. (where I happened to learn French) I hope it makes sense haha. The poem is also called madininah another name for Martinique which translates to ‘Island of flowers’

Something bitter 

Craving something bitter

Sugar coats never seemed that sweet to me, eventually, I’ll look past the disguise and see, what was meant to be…
There’s always something more, behind what we hide, always a silver lining, our pride forces us to deny, although reality might not be your cup of tea, it will always be mine. So say it straight, hit me with the punchline, but spare me the white lies.

I want to see the light, even if it hurts my eyes. Because I would rather look for beauty in the ugliest truth. Than look for truth, in the most beautiful lie.

The spirit of compassion

An elephant is the mightiest creature on land, yet it means to do harm to no one… That in a way is true compassion.
Also, I find that having to care for others, children in particular, can bring compassion out of us that we didn’t even know was there.
Compassion is true strength, and is nature’s way of taking care of itself.

Happy vaisakhi!

The meerman

“it doesn’t get much deeper than this” then he realises how shallow he was, to have come to that conclusion… He bares the trident of truth, a weapon built to shatter all illusions, and a heavy burden too…for he has seen some of the darkest parts of the sea… From time to tide the current forces propell him into such dark places, that he himself can hardly be seen…

The pegasus purpose

The pegausus takes flight into the untold night, controlling the reigns of its own destiny…Still… Untamable, unchangeable… It feeds on faith, flying over all that stand in its way… it moves with the way, and has thus learnt to make hay, from the light that shines within